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Your Questions Answered

On todays Info Monday we will be answering a few Frequently Asked questions to help you understand The Bra Box Better.

Q. What is The Bra Box?

A. The Bra Box was created to make shopping for your everyday undergarments, such as Bras, Panties, Shapewear etc. stress free and affordable. We are an online store based in Trinidad and Tobago and offers Free Delivery throughout the country on all purchases $250 or more.

Q. What Do I get in The Bra Box?

A. You will receive three (3) Brand Name Bras in each Bra Box.

Q. What is the biggest size bra you offer?

A. This changes based on our suppliers availability. However 44DDD is the biggest size we have been able to source from our suppliers thus far. We are constantly working with them to source bigger sizes.

Q. What is the prices range of the items you offer?

A. Our Panty sets ranges from $99 - $135 for 3

Our Shapewear sets ranges from $360-$560 for 3

Our Bra Box Sets are $595 for 3

We update for inventory frequently and you never know when we will be adding new goodies.

Stay tuned to our WhatsApp and emails for updates.

We hope that your questions were answered. You can also visit our website FAQ page for more


Our Bra Box Concierge team is available via WhatsApp and Social media to communicate with you.

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