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Choosing Bra Styles Pt. 2

Last week we shared the difference between Demi and Full Coverage bras.

As we continue our Bra Coverage series let’s talk about Minimizer vs Push-up Bras.

As women we all love a sexy bra sometimes.

However More Coverage maybe preferred on a daily basis.

Minimizer Bras gives you a Full Coverage and is designed to reduce the appearance of your breast size by 1-2 inches.

This is a great option for women who loves a smooth look and want to minimize your bust size a little.

Push-up Bras comes with additional padding at the bottom of the cup to create a fuller bust.

On The Bra Box website we make every effort to list the style of bra in each set.

When shopping for bras keep this in mind and purchase according to the look and style you are trying to achieve.

Remember all bras are not created equal even if it’s the same size.

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