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Choosing Bra Styles

Ladies all bras are not created equal!

Even if it’s your size, this does not mean that the coverage will be the same.

There are different types of BRA STYLES.

Such as Full Coverage and Demi Coverage.

If you love your “girls” to be fully covered then be sure to purchase Full Coverage or Full Figured bras.

A Demi Coverage bra will cover half of your cups. And fits about 1” above your nipples. Which is also great depending on what type of clothes you wear. And if you like showing cleavage.

So even if the both bras are the same size they will cover your “girls” differently.

For Bra Box listings on our website we make every effort to list the style of each Bra in the set.

If you have a preference in Bra styles keep this in mind when purchasing bras.

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