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Bra Sister/Alternative Sizes

Did you know your bra size has multiple sister sizes? For example while you may think you can only use size 38F (DDD) your sister sizes 40E (DD), 42D, 44C and 46B will also give you a comfortable fit and the cups will fit the same as 38F (DDD). So now there is no need to feel frustrated when you do not find the one size your measurements gave you.

We have created a helpful sister/alternative chart to guide you on finding your sister size.

Find your current bra size on the chart and your sister size are the ones listed in the same row across.

As an example if your bra size is 34E (DD) then your sister sizes are 30G, 32F (DDD), 36D, 38C and 40B. Notice as the band size gets bigger the cup size gets smaller.

It's a lot to take in for the first time. So feel free to save this email or chart.

Feel Free to share with your girlfriends.

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